A new kind of brand consultancy

Rød Brand Consultants started with the firm idea of bringing a breath of fresh air to the marketing industry and with the objective of becoming the most exclusive, big thinking, innovative and influential independent brand consultancy.

We are pioneers in the development and use of scientific intelligent tools in favour of talent and creative passion. This combination makes us truly different from the rest when it comes to creating and managing unique brands that become the main strategic asset of the organizations with which we collaborate.

We understand the brand to be something organic whose survival depends on the ability to adapt to an extremely volatile environment with levels of complexity that are unattainable with traditional models of analysis. Our tools provide an objective and holistic overview of the main variables and magnitudes that are required to conceive and manage brands. These give shape to the strategic and operational reality of the company as a lever for orientation and ultimate success.

Our technology partner, the European Centre for Soft Computing, is a global pioneer in artificial intelligence applied to the solution of problems related to complex environments. Paradigm shifts and high degrees of volatility characterize the present time, which makes the strategic and operational management of brands a key activity that demands a new kind of guidance tools.

But most of all we are passionate about creativity and we want to build a world-class reputation by helping our clients to become leaders in their markets. With our help, their brands will accumulate value and provide direction and inspiration for the whole organization as instrumental factors for success.
José Mingot

Economist with a large experience as head of marketing of several multinational companies belonging to very diverse sectors such as fashion, telecommunications, FMCG or major sporting events. Enjoys working with brilliant people in innovative projects that get him out of his comfort zone. He equally enjoys his nephews who usually get him out of that comfort zone.
Valentín Iglesias

Brand consultant and designer with more than 20 years of International experience. He has created some of the most renowned brands in Spain. He is passionate about creativity and curious about everything that is special and new. The day has too few hours but there’s always a chance to play the guitar with his jazz trio.

Manuel Chica

Engineer and PhD in Computer Science from University of Granada, Manuel has led a large number of R&D projects related to complex systems, optimization and data mining. He is a canoeing and water sports enthusiast that never misses an opportunity to escape to some indie music festival.

Ignacio Moya

When he is not saving the world with his background on Computer Science and Engineering or his research focused on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering and Agent- Based Modeling, he enjoys some time with his friends playing board and computer games.
Óscar Cordón

Vice Chancellor at University of Granada. Internationally recognized contributor to R&D programs in soft computing for 20 years. Included in the 1% most cited researchers in the world. He is a football enthusiast and a strong supporter of Real Madrid.




Sergio Damas

After 11 years working as a professor at the University of Granada, he is currently the principal researcher of a lab at the European Centre for Soft Computing. He has a vast experience solving a wide variety of complex optimization problems. He enjoys facing new challenges. He loves swimming, hard rock and having fun with his kids.

Chief Fun Officer
Pablo Neira

 Partner and board member. Investor and entrepreneur, energetic, positive, enthusiastic, achiever and avid golf player.