Defining how the brand consultancy of the future will look like

Rød brand consultants was set out to create a new kind of consulting firm, one that would break every mould and change longstanding preconceived notions about strategic thinking in Branding and Marketing.

Our team is composed of a unique combination of consultants, mathematicians, scientists, designers, economists and experts in marketing and branding. We have a vast international experience in the field and now we are taking the branding industry a step further with a groundbreaking model for overall management of intangible assets based on the Science of Complex Systems.

In collaboration with the European Centre for Soft Computing (ECSC), our technological partner, we have developed a set of prescriptive computational tools to assist our clients in the decision making process by means of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

We are at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge but most of all we are passionate about creativity. We are pro results and our promise is to deliver certainty and direction to our clients and to provide them the knowledge and scientific tools to guide them along the way.

Our mantra is:
Model > Simulate > Optimize.
Similarly to what happens in the field of navigation or aerospace transportation, strategic brand management requires advanced guidance tools to support decision making.

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There has never been a greater amount of information about customers and the market, however, key aspects in the purchase and decision making processes still remain obscure.

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In today's market where differences in price and functionality between the alternatives are almost nonexistent, brands that evoke strong feelings and associations are more likely to succeed.